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Official App for RolyPolyLand gameBECOME A MAGIC SCHOOL STUDENT Rolies prepared lots of exciting tasks for you. Visit magic classes every day, complete new tasks and get cool prizes. You can be a great wizard!STAY IN TOUCH AND MEET NEW FRIENDS Do you like chatting? Maybe you want to find new friends? If yes then come and visit our public chat room. It’s fun and there are always lots of people there. But if you want to share some secrets - make a private chat room with your friend where nobody can disturb you.USE COOL STICKERS! Don’t hide your emotions! Cool stickers with funny characters will express your feelings to your friends. By clicking any sticker in a chat you will see a short cartoon.SHOW YOUR KNOWLEDGE! You are the smartest! Let everyone know about it! Answer tricky questions in guessing games and get prizes!CHANGE YOUR LOOK! New look every day? Easy! Choose a hairdo, clothes and accessories according to your mood. Be stylish and gorgeous. Fancy somebody’s style? Don’t forget to leave a like!PUT ON A SPELL ON YOUR FRIENDS! You have magical power! Play a joke on your friend – turn him into a mummy, fire or splash him with paint. And you can turn into a ghost and frighten everyone in a chat!